School Field Trip Information

As we look into the school year we are excited to offer our same great Whale Watching field trip rates and fundraising opportunities to schools! Newport Landing has been providing students with the whale watching school field trips for over 20 years. Year-round we provide a comprehensive learning experience with a curriculum designed around the California State Board of Education's standards for learning. We would like to highlight several of our offerings for all school staff. Below you will find great information pertaining to your particular interests as an administrator, faculty member or PTA/Booster Club member.

  • Administrators: Newport Whales would like to offer you the opportunity to make our services available to your staff members by either allowing us a couple of minutes at one of your monthly faculty or department meetings or by setting up a small showcase in your faculty lounge. This time or space offered will allow us to really connect what we offer with the California Standards for Education and answer any questions your staff may have!
  • Teachers: Once again we would like to offer you a free whale watch trip to check out what we offer! Reservations are required for this free trip and a faculty ID must be presented upon check-in, along with the coupon below. We also want to remind you of our great low rate of only $11 per student for fieldtrips. Summer & Fall fieldtrips will be out during our blue whale season! We have seen hundreds of blue whales and fin whales this summer and they generally continue to spend time in our waters through October. Winter and Spring fieldtrips will have the opportunity to see gray whales during their annual migration. Throughout the year we also have sightings of various other whale species, dolphin, sea lions, marine birds and the occasional shark or mola mola. These trips really highlight the complete marine ecosystem and offer a wealth of educational opportunities!
  • PTA/Boosters: We are happy to offer a fundraising opportunity to you all in the form of the Cash Back Coupon. Several groups used this opportunity during the summer with success! The idea behind this coupon is that you may distribute it to anyone and everyone for a discounted whale watch trip within a certain time frame. Not only do the passengers receive a greatly discounted rate, but for each coupon used, your organization receives $5 back at the end of your fundraising time frame! This is a risk-free, minimal effort way to raise funds for your programs!

Curriculum Packets & Activity Sheets

Pre-trip Curriculum Packets Post-trip Activity Sheets
Grades K-2 Whale Watch Curriculum
Grades 3-5 Whale Watch Curriculum
Grades 6-8 Whale Watch Curriculum
Grades 9-12 Whale Watch Curriculum
Grades K-2 Activity Sheets
Grades 3-5 Activity Sheets
Grades 6-8 Activity Sheets
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Whale Watching field trips cruises are 2½ hours in length. Also ask about our overnight whale watching field trips including multi day channel islands excursions.


Students from as few as 1 as to as large as 500 or more can be accommodated. Groups of 60 or less may be combined with other school groups or on occasion with general admission patrons.

Primary Ships in Our Fleet

Western Pride - Large indoor salon that can seat 40+, large deck area for both observation & on ship presentations, maximum capacity 121 persons.

Freelance - Largest of our all whale watching field trip vessels with a capacity of 148 persons. Large indoor salon and large open area great for observation and on ship presentations.

Thunderbird - Provides overnight ammenties including sleeping facilities for 24 to 35 persons, full onboard kitchens, large outside deck space ideal for observation and on ship presentations. Maximum capacities 47 persons each.

Aggressor - Provide overnight ammenties including sleeping facilities for 24 to 35 persons, full onboard kitchens, large outside deck space ideal for observation and on ship presentations. Maximum capacities 47 persons each.

Nautilus - Large indoor salon with large windows and seating for 30+, upstairs observation deck with seating for 25+, maximum capacity of 114 persons.

Ocean Explorer - Built just for whale watching has many amenities including large indoor salon with huge windows and seating for 40+, surround outside seating for 60+, and upstairs observation deck that can seat 30+. Capacity 102 persons.

Cetacean Information - Links to American Cetacean Society or Wikipedia websites:

Blue Whale | Minke Whale | Gray Whale | Humpback Whale | Finback Whale
Bottlenose Dolphin | Common Dolphin | Risso's Dolphin | Pacific White Sided Dolphin | California Sea Lion

Additional Fun and Educational Activities:

Food Chain Activity | Cetacean Scavenger Hunt | Whale Watch KWL Chart | Whale Watch Word Search
Whale Matching | Toothed Whale or Baleen Whale Bubble Map | Origami Whale