Los Angeles Whale Watching Tours By Plane

With the sky above you, and an endless ocean before you, your whale-watching expedition awaits. While scanning the waters for creatures of the deep, you'll catch glimpses of colorful margin life in their natural habitat. It's truly an unforgettable experience.

For whale watching in Los Angeles, Newport Landing is partnering with Riter Aviation to offer whale watching, viewing whales and dolphin by plane. These air bound whale watching cruises last 45 minutes and can travel several miles to locate whales and dolphin in record time. Along with viewing whales from above you may see dolphin, giant swordfish, sunfish, and many other types of marine life. All being viewed from a very unique prospective from above.


See giant blue whales from head to toe at over 100 feet in length, see calves with their mothers, and mega dolphin pods in the thousands all from several hundred feet above. Along with viewing all of the amazing wildlife from above, whale watching tours by plane that departs from Torrance airport can view the amazing coastlines of Santa Monica, Palos Verde Peninsula, Huntington Beach, and on out to Catalina Island. Departures from other airports in Los Angeles including from Santa Monica Airport can also be arranged. Along with viewing marine mammals and coastal areas, views of the famous Hollywood sign and other Los Angeles landmarks by air can also be incorporated into this aerial adventure. The ability to cover a great amount of area in a relatively short amount of time offers many customized options which can be completely marine mammal viewing based or can be modified to also view other sites in the Los Angeles area.

Air whale watching cruises are done from a Piper Seneca II twin engine aircraft flown by Chief Pilot Robert Riter. Chief pilot Robert Riter is an FAA Gold Seal Instructor with 20 years of teaching experience. The aircraft travels from 700 feet to 1200 feet from ground level and can travel a 25 mile radius from one of several airports. The primary airport is located in Torrance, California only 15 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles.

Riter Aviation is a training center for both pilots and aircraft management personnel and your air whale watching pilot Robert Riter is the chief FAA Gold Seal Instructor and owner of Riter Aviation. Safety is first and foremost and with over 20 years of teaching all facets of flight and air craft mechanics, there could be no better person to safely provide this amazing whale watching experience.

Private Whale Watching Tour Plane Rentals Available For Up To 5 Persons at $395 per hour. For Orange County departures, click Whale Watching Orange County.


Trip Price
45-minute Air Whale Watching Tour $65 Adults || $45 Juniors
45-Min Tour + 2.5 Hour Ocean Cruise Package $95 Adults || $70 Juniors

Private Whale Watching Tour Plane Rentals Available For Up To 5 Persons at $395 per hour.