Reserve Your Discovery Cube
Ocean Quest Whale Watching Trip

Newport Whales has been in operation for over 20 years, providing an exceptional whale watching experience for tens of thousands of people year year. Our NEW partnership with Discovery Cubes Ocean Quest takes our whale watching trips to the next level, allowing guests to experience additional hands on education about our oceans before you head out on the boat! You will learn fun facts about the whales, dolphin and marine mammals we can see throughout the year in Newport Beach, and this interactive lecture filled with photos and videos will delve into the questions guests might have about how these incredible animals live, eat and sleep in a marine environment and it will definitely give you a greater appreciation for what you're about to see out on the boat.

Of course, this special whale watching cruise will also have an marine biologist present, just in case you have more questions while your out at sea.

Newport Landing Whale Watching strives to share our love of marine life with the public with the hope of spreading greater awareness of cetaceans and environmental stewardship of the ocean. We provide a year-round comprehensive learning experience with an enjoyable, educational and engaging curriculum designed around the California State Board of Education's standards for learning. We also have activities available on our website at to make planing your excursion fun and educational.

If signing up for our Ocean Quest Whale Watching pre-cruise education, please arrive at:

  • Discovery Cube's Ocean Quest - 600 E. Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92661
  • We recommend arriving at least 1.5 hours prior to your scheduled whale watching departure time
  • Lecture starts promptly at 9am for the 10am whale watching departure OR 12pm for the 1pm whale watching departure so make sure your there early to get a seat!
    Call (949) 675-0551



    FOR RESERVATIONS, CALL (949) 675-0551